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What is the Early Discussion and Resolution Program?

Imagine going through a surgery only to discover that something went wrong. Instead of leaving healthier, you're leaving the hospital knowing you might need to return for further therapy and surgeries. You're in pain, and you're frustrated. You want to know what happened and have the situation resolved, but you know one of the only things you can do is sue. Fortunately, Oregon created a secondary option.

Medical errors a serious concern in the United States

No one wants to find out that he or she has been a victim of medical errors. These errors range in severity, from being given the wrong drug to having the wrong body part operated on. As a victim, finding out that someone was mistreating you while you were at your most vulnerable is frightening. Fortunately, you have a right to file a medical malpractice claim after such an incident.

You don't have to suffer financially after medical malpractice

A wrong-site surgery can cause a number of health concerns for you. Imagine going into the hospital to have part of your left lung removed. When you wake up, you find out that the surgeon took part of your right lung instead. You'd be upset, and you'd have every right to seek out compensation through a medical malpractice lawsuit.

You can file a lawsuit if you're hurt at the hospital

Hospital negligence is a serious problem that causes many patients to leave the hospital with new, short- or long-term injuries. Some even pass away because of the negligence they're shown. If you're a victim of negligence, you know how much it can impact your life. A failed diagnosis, wrong-site surgery or other errors can change your life instantly.

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