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Report: Diagnostic errors too common in the U.S.

Medical professionals and health safety advocates will agree: misdiagnoses and delayed diagnoses happen all too often. One aspect of the problem, though, is that diagnostic errors are often cognitive errors on the part of doctors -- the mistakes happen in the doctors' minds -- and are therefore more difficult to pinpoint.

Lawsuit alleges hospital negligence in man's death

Anyone in Oregon who has a family member with heart problems wants to know that he or she is receiving the best care possible. In some cases, that means transferring the patient from one hospital to another that has better monitoring facilities and equipment in an effort to provide a higher standard of care. When a hospital falls short of that expectation, it might be due to hospital negligence.

Case of failure to diagnose cancer settles

When Oregon residents go to an emergency room, clinic or their family physician, they expect that their medical complaints will be taken seriously. When a doctor dismisses a patient's complaints without thoroughly examining the patient and the patient's history, a serious or deadly illness can be overlooked. Such a failure to diagnose does not meet the accepted standards of care and may constitute medical malpractice.

The failure to diagnose a patient's condition could be fatal

Many medical conditions share common symptoms. This can make it difficult for a physician to properly diagnose an Oregon patient. Patients expect their doctor to take whatever time is needed in order to make the correct diagnosis since a failure to diagnose a patient's condition in a timely manner could be fatal.

Doctor errors do not begin to cover physican's alleged crimes

According to reports Oregon residents may have seen, a doctor has been over-prescribing medication for years in two different states. Officials say that his recent actions are more than simple doctor errors. The most recent investigation into his activities began in 2014 after a pharmacist was cleared of allegations from parents who complained that he refused to fill their prescriptions. As it turns out, the prescriptions the pharmacist refused to fill were from the doctor now in jail on a $200,000 bond.

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