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Are surgical errors covered up by other doctors?

In many medical malpractice cases that go to trial here in Oregon and elsewhere, other doctors might be brought in to testify on behalf of either side. Most people involved in these cases expect that those testifying will be truthful, but one doctor says that is not always the case. He recently came forward to confess that he once lied on the stand to cover up for a doctor who he actually thought was capable of making harmful surgical errors.

39 percent of internists accused of failure to diagnose

Oregon residents who are suffering from unknown maladies rely on their doctors to discover their conditions and how to treat them. In order to make an accurate diagnosis and provide the proper treatment, it is necessary for an internist to gather as much information as possible about the patient’s history and current condition. A failure to diagnose the condition, diagnose it too late or prescribe the wrong course of treatment can have serious health consequences for the patient.

Was hospital negligence to blame for man's untimely death?

This is a question that many Oregon families have asked in the aftermath of the untimely death of a loved one. In many of those cases, a civil court was asked to deide whether hospital negligence occurred. A trial regarding the death of an out-of-state man recently began, and this same question is at the heart of the proceedings.

Jury says doctor errors led to woman's death

Even when a prognosis is unclear, much of the stress associated with an illness can be relieved when a diagnosis is made and a treatment plan is established. Oregon patients rely on their doctors to carry out the treatment plan in accordance with established care standards. When doctor errors cause treatment to be ineffective, patients can suffer serious, debilitating or even deadly consequences.

Nursing home and hospital negligence alleged in lawsuit

It can be a difficult decision for Oregon residents to put an aging family member into a nursing home. Family members are trusting that the individuals working in the chosen nursing home will take good care of their loved one, which includes seeking medical attention for them if needed. If a family member dies while in the care of a nursing home and/or hospital, an investigation might be in order to determine whether nursing home or hospital negligence contributed to or caused that death.

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