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Woman sues over false positive cancer screening and surgeries

Misinformation is awful for patients, because it means they don't know the actual state of their health. They make decisions based on this information, which could be inaccurate. For a woman in Oregon, that meant that she thought she had a diagnosis that she, in reality, did not.

Patients at risk when medical facility uses open-plan design

Violence never has a place in a hospital or care center. When people go to seek care, they need a calm environment where they feel safe. Some people struggle with mental health conditions that may make them violent when least expected. For that reason, many hospitals and intake centers limit patients' exposure to one another and have safeguards in place to prevent attacks.

Surgery: Can it spread cancer?

One common myth about surgeries is that they have a high risk of spreading cancer to other parts of the body. The reality is that the risk is not high, but there is still a risk if the proper protocols are not followed. By following standard procedures during a surgery, the surgeon can prevent the cells from spreading after the surgery to remove tumors or take a biopsy.

Early Discussion and Resolution Program aims to reduce lawsuits

If you have a case of medical malpractice that you want to bring against a medical professional for neglect or mistakes that led to a loved one' death, then you may be interested in hearing more about a new dispute resolution process in Oregon. This new arrangement, called the Early Discussion and Resolution Program, would give patients or their families a chance to work through cases with the hospital or defendants before they hit trial.

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