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Complacency can lead to surgical errors

Many of Oregon's surgeons perform the same operations numerous times. In many ways, this means that their proficiency for a certain procedure rises dramatically, which can be a good thing for patients. However, at the same time, an operation can become so "routine" to a doctor that the risk of surgical errors increases because he or she has become complacent.

Woman claims hospital negligence caused family member's death

After an Oregon resident suffers a major medical crisis, such as a stroke, the care received during recovery can make all the difference. Hospitals and other medical facilities are not only responsible for the health of their patients, but for their safety as well. When a patient already has serious medical issues, hospital negligence can exacerbate those issues and cause that person's health to deteriorate even further.

Jury says doctor errors led to man's death

Most people across the country and here in Oregon would expect a patient complaining of chest pains to be given at least minimal cardiac testing to ensure that patient is not suffering from a heart attack or some other heart-related malady that could be life-threatening. That is what one man and his family expected when a man went to see his family physician and visited the emergency room of a hospital in his area. After he died, surviving family members filed a lawsuit alleging that doctor errors caused his death.

Woman claims she is a victim of a failure to diagnose

Oregon doctors are tasked with gathering as much relevant data as possible in order to diagnose a patient's condition. A failure to diagnose the right condition could put the life of that patient in jeopardy. Across the country, several thousand people are permanently injured or killed each year due to a misdiagnosis.

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