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Woman blames doctor errors for her pregnancy

Many women here in Oregon and elsewhere want to have children, but not all of them want to go through a pregnancy in order to have a child. Some even undergo surgery in order to ensure that they are not able to conceive. One woman who wanted to undergo a tubal ligation (often called "having your tubes tied") now blames doctor errors on the fact that she got pregnant.

Surgical errors involving medication are more common than thought

Errors in operating rooms here in Oregon and across the nation occur far too often. Some of those surgical errors involve medications given to patients before, during and after a procedure. Recently, it was discovered that the number of medication mistakes made under these circumstances is much higher than previously recorded.

Mother's intuition about doctor errors results in $2.5M verdict

In 2010, a then 38-year-old pregnant woman was excited to hear that she was having a boy. Her excitement was tempered by the fact that her pregnancy was considered high risk, a fact with which many Oregon residents are also familiar. When she suffered a medical emergency at 36 weeks, she claims that doctor errors led to the death of her unborn son.

Award in case involving doctor errors upheld by appeals court

Many Oregon residents have fought in civil court for restitution after being seriously injured by -- or losing a family member to -- mistakes made by the medical personnel. After what could be a long and hard fought battle to prove that doctor errors caused the harm, the parties held responsible by the court could appeal the case. This often delays the victim's ability to collect on any monetary judgment awarded as a result of a successful trial.

Was hospital negligence the cause of man's death?

Whether it is due to illness, age or some other factor, a seemingly simple fall can wreak havoc on the bodies of many Oregon residents. Some injuries can have serious or fatal consequences that might not be readily apparent. When such a fall happens while under the care of medical professionals, hospital negligence could be to blame for any adverse health effects -- including death – the patient suffers.

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