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Nightmare dentist stops practicing after bevy of allegations

Today, we look at the field of dentistry, and one dentist in particular who would probably make Freddie Kruger scared. The dentist isn't from Oregon, nor does he even practice dentistry anymore -- probably because of the allegations surrounding his practice -- but this story is still relevant to anyone and everyone.

Medical culture ravaged by bullying tendencies

The medical field is a high-stress industry. Those who are nurses, doctors and surgeons know this all too well. They have to work long, tough hours and perform incredibly dangerous medical procedures on a routine basis. But even with all of this stress, that still doesn't give a doctor the right to bully his or her coworkers and make them feel as though they can't question anything the doctor does.

Not every patient in the hospital can have a fairy tale ending

It's hard to hear the phrase "medical error" and not immediately assume that the doctors and medical institutions involved were obviously and completely at fault for the incident. While it may be a leap in logic, it's a pretty safe leap. Medical errors are one of the leading causes of death in the United States -- but that doesn't mean the issue is so cut-and-dried.

Victims of medical malpractice need legal help

In some respects, we take diagnosing a medical condition for granted. We just expect that the doctor will always get it right, because he or she has to, right? They have all the training and experience, and they understand the human body better than most people on this planet. So why wouldn't they be able to correctly diagnose your medical condition with ease?

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