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January 2015 Archives

Pediatric medication error rate is shockingly high

Medical professionals are going to make mistakes, regardless of their position or how much experience they have. They are human, after all, and thus they are bound to make these mistakes. The difference is that when they make a mistake, it can lead to the death of a patient; or it could change someone's life; or it could make a medical condition far worse than it should have been. Obviously they aren't trying to make these mistakes, and they are highly trained so these mistakes are less likely to happen -- but they still occur.

Hospital sued by woman who says facility didn't care for her

Just last week, we wrote a post about a man who's life was completely changed -- and who's family's life completely changed -- as a result of some negligent care he received at a hospital. The hospital took far too long to treat the patient, making him wait in a waiting room for four hours as his serious medical condition progressed to dangerous levels. In that post, we talked about how medical professionals and medical institutions make mistakes like this all the time.

Delay in waiting room causes patient to be paralyzed

In an unfortunate case of medical malpractice that hits close to home, a Portland man is suing Kaiser for the flimsy care he received when he was suffering from subdural bleeding (bleeding on the brain). The man went to the hospital complaining of extreme headaches and exhibited excessive vomiting symptoms. A nurse on hand was informed of the situation, but then the patient was left in a general waiting room.

You can, and should, seek justice after a surgical error

Imagine that for most of your young life, you've been healthy. You graduate college and get your dream job, and as the year's pass by everything only gets better and better for you and your family. But then one day, you start to feel sick. "This is odd," you say to yourself. You've never felt this way before, and you check with your doctor to see what's going on.

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