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$10M awarded by jury for doctors' failure to diagnose infant

When children are sick, most Oregon parents take them to see doctors. The hope is that the doctor will be able to make a swift and accurate diagnosis so that the appropriate treatment can begin and make the child better. However, a failure to diagnose the child correctly could lead to permanent or deadly injuries from either the illness or the wrong treatment.

Did surgical errors cause the need for second procedure?

Each year, numerous people here in Oregon and across the country undergo a knee arthroplasty, which is a surgical procedure in which the bones in the knee are resurfaced or totally replaced. When done properly, the procedure is designed to relieve pain and give a patient back his or her range of motion from the joint. Surgical errors can prevent the patient from obtaining relief, and in some cases, make matters worse.

Many claims regarding doctor errors never go to trial

When patients here in Oregon and across the country suffer injuries at the hands of the medical personnel to whom they entrusted their health and lives, a medical malpractice suit could be filed. Many of those cases never go to trial, however. Settlements are common in cases where doctor errors are alleged in order to avoid the expense, time and emotional turmoil that a trial can create.

Hospital negligence and medical errors come in many forms

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people across the country, including many here in Oregon, are the victims of medical errors. Some of the errors do not cause any lasting harm, but others lead to permanent injuries and even death. When this happens, the victims and/or their families could file hospital negligence claims.

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