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The potential for surgical errors increases risk to patients

When Oregon residents are told that they need surgery, they most likely understand that every procedure comes with certain risks. Patients may weigh the risks and determine that the medical necessity of the procedure is worth it. However, surgical errors should not be considered one of the risks.

Claim: Surgical errors cause breathing issues for patient

Oregon surgeons may consider some surgical procedures to be routine, but in reality, no two procedures are alike. Some of the risks assumed by patients are related to the operation itself, but others involve the potential for surgical errors. A seemingly routine operation can quickly deteriorate into catastrophic injuries for the patient if a surgeon makes a mistake.

Woman claims failure to diagnose her condition led to stroke

One of the most important tasks of any Oregon doctor is to determine a patient's condition and prescribe a course of treatment. When a doctor does not take the time to conduct a thorough examination, take as accurate and complete a medical/family history as possible and rushes through an appointment, symptoms can be mistaken for a minor ailment or dismissed completely. Such a failure to diagnose a patient properly could lead to adverse health consequences that could cause permanent injury or death.

Did a failure to diagnose lead to more damage and treatment?

Many jails and prisons here in Oregon and around the country are not equipped to perform all of the medical tests that may need to be conducted on their inmates. For example, in Nov. 2013, a service called MobilexUSA, Inc. provided at least one out-of-state penal facility with mobile imaging services. A former inmate claims that a failure to diagnose by MobilexUSA and its employees caused him to need cancer treatment and suffer physical damage.

Hospital negligence may cause over 400,000 deaths each year

Based on that number, it is safe to assume that at least some them may have been here in Oregon. Hospital negligence can take many forms, but the result is the same -- lives are lost and families are changed forever. Even if a patient survives a medical mistake, life may never be the same.

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