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Did a failure to diagnose lead to more damage and treatment?

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2015 | Failure To Diagnose |

Many jails and prisons here in Oregon and around the country are not equipped to perform all of the medical tests that may need to be conducted on their inmates. For example, in Nov. 2013, a service called MobilexUSA, Inc. provided at least one out-of-state penal facility with mobile imaging services. A former inmate claims that a failure to diagnose by MobilexUSA and its employees caused him to need cancer treatment and suffer physical damage.

In his lawsuit, the man claims that an upper GI diagnostic test was performed after he complained of having issues with his bowels. Allegedly, the doctor who read the test the next day failed to see an abnormal gastric mass lesion. The man’s condition continued to deteriorate, and in Jan. 2014, he required a blood transfusion because he was severely anemic.

It was discovered at that time that he was suffering from metastatic gastric cancer. Chemotherapy and radiation treatments were required in order to treat the former Pennsylvania inmate. He claims that none of the medical measures taken, beginning in Jan. 2014, would have been necessary if the proper diagnosis was made.

Sadly, this type of medical error impacts Oregon patients from all walks of life. A failure to diagnose a life-threatening condition, such as cancer, can delay treatment and have disastrous consequences. Getting treatment early could mean the difference between permanent damage and/or death. Depending on the specific facts, a medical malpractice claim could be filed to seek restitution for any damage caused. Proving negligence to a civil court could result in a monetary judgment to help with the associated financial losses.

Source: pennrecord.com, “Former inmate sues doctor, alleging failure to diagnose gastric cancer“, Sept. 24, 2015


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