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Civil Rights Enforcement

The Law Offices of Judy Snyder brings the kind of tough and determined approach to civil rights matters that clients depend on with confidence. We regularly protect our clients against any number of overreaching employers and governmental bodies who seek to ignore the civil rights of regular people just like you.

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Our firm has assisted clients facing a wide variety of civil rights enforcement issues, including, for instance, those situations involving:

  • Public accommodation
  • Police misconduct
  • Free speech
  • Education
  • Housing
  • Section 1983 claims
  • And more

We are unique in that, while many attorneys offer clients toughness in the courtroom, and many attorneys offer their clients skilled representation during litigation, Judy Snyder is one of the rare attorneys who offers her clients both. In doing so, Judy draws on more than 40 years of intensive trial experience.

Her command of trial practice has led to her being sought out by her peers across the state, whether it is as a teacher of trial strategy or as a referral attorney. She has also earned the respect of observers throughout the profession for her ability to practice law at a high level while also maintaining an adherence to the ethical standards of lawyering.

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Contact us to learn more about how our lawyers can protect your civil rights: 503-894-7478. We can schedule an initial appointment for you over the phone or online. We keep all communications with our firm from potential clients confidential.

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