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Suing The Government

Suing the government in order to protect your rights always involves unique laws and little-known rules and regulations. You do not have to worry about these complex legal issues affecting your case when you are represented by the Law Offices of Judy Snyder. Our entire team is already familiar with these complexities in the law and how to manage them successfully.

Some unique requirements that Oregon imposes upon citizens seeking to sue the government, include:

  • Written advance notice to the governmental body
  • Limited number of days within which you can make your claim
  • Cap limits on recoveries for injuries caused by the government
  • Private entities acting in a governmental manner

These requirements often negatively affect people who have been harmed but wait before contacting an attorney. Time limits to give notice are short when a government agency is involved. The results for individuals can be devastating if they wait too long to get the process started.

For these reasons, we urge clients to contact us as soon as possible when they are considering legal action against governmental agencies. We can help you immediately understand the requirements and preserve your rights against the government.

Oregon Attorneys Experienced In Suing The Government

Judy has practiced law for more than 40 years. While doing so, she has built a practice known for its confident and effective style of litigating and trying cases against government agencies. For that reason, clients across Oregon look to Judy when they want a law firm that will vigorously protect their rights during all phases of their case.

Let us help you understand your rights when suing the government. Schedule an initial consultation by calling our Lake Oswego office at 503-894-7478. You can also reach our lawyers online. All communications with our firm are confidential.

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