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Did doctor errors lead to a man's debilitating stroke?

Most Oregon residents believe that when they have a medical issue, a doctor will be able to pinpoint what that issue is and provide a course of treatment that will either cure or control the ailment. In order to achieve that goal, a physician will often perform a thorough examination, listen to the patient's concerns and review the medical history. If further testing is needed, it is ordered. Any doctor errors that occur during this process could have dire consequences for the patient.

Surgical errors forced man's son to undergo more surgery

Oregon parents are sometimes forced to trust strangers with the health and safety of their children. There seems to be an inherent amount of trust for doctors, surgeons and other medical personnel, and when that trust is violated by surgical errors, it can be devastating. A father in another state went through this on Christmas in 2013.

Man says surgical errors caused him to need a second procedure

In a true medical emergency in which surgery is required, an Oregon resident may not have the time or opportunity to choose a surgeon. Most surgeons are diligent, meet all applicable standards of care and perform successful procedures. However, surgeons and their teams are human and mistakes can occur. When surgical errors happen, patients can be left with the need for additional medical care -- including surgery -- or can even be left with permanent injuries.

Couple says hospital negligence killed their newborn

Oregon readers may be interested to know that the parents of a premature newborn recently amended a complaint filed against the hospital where their baby died to request punitive damages. The couple alleges that hospital negligence led to the loss of their child. They also allege that the hospital attempted to cover up the cause of his death.

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