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Did doctor errors lead to a man’s debilitating stroke?

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2015 | Doctor Errors |

Most Oregon residents believe that when they have a medical issue, a doctor will be able to pinpoint what that issue is and provide a course of treatment that will either cure or control the ailment. In order to achieve that goal, a physician will often perform a thorough examination, listen to the patient’s concerns and review the medical history. If further testing is needed, it is ordered. Any doctor errors that occur during this process could have dire consequences for the patient.

Sometime after seeing a doctor at an urgent care facility on May 13, 2013, a man suffered a debilitating stroke. He alleges that the stroke was serious enough that he no longer has use of his limbs. He blames this on the doctor, who he says failed to diagnose his eminent risk of stroke due to carotid artery disease.

The Illinois man is a former smoker who suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure. He says that his health history alone should have alerted the doctor that further testing should be done. He alleges that there was no examination of his carotid arteries, no recommendation to follow up with another doctor within two to three days and no order to have his carotid arteries imaged despite his symptoms. The defendants deny the allegations and filed counterclaims.

Unfortunately, doctor errors occur far more frequently than anyone would like. After all, they are human. However, that does not excuse their negligence, which can literally put an Oregon resident’s life in jeopardy. Doctors, like anyone else, need to be held accountable for their actions — or for the failure to act, as the case may be.

Source: madisonrecord.com, “Anderson Hospital doctors deny liability in patient’s medical malpractice suit over stroke“, Heather Isringhausen Gvillo, Aug. 18, 2015


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