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March 2015 Archives

Surgical mistakes aren't as rare as you may think

Imagine that after a trip to the doctor's office, you are informed that you need to have a serious surgical procedure performed on you. You are understandably nervous, but you don't actually expect anything bad to happen during the surgery. On the day of your procedure, you go through all the pre-op steps -- and then finally, you are given anesthesia and you are out like a light.

On the CRE 'superbug,' and why it is so scary

If we were to ask you what carbapenem-resistent Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) means, you would probably say "why did you just blindly type letters like that?" It's understandable to look at that phrase and immediately scoff, as it seems impossible to pronounce while also seemingly being something that isn't of consequence. However, CRE bacterial infections are the germs that news stations refer to when they say "superbugs."

Are medical malpractice lawsuits hurting specialization?

Usually when you hear about a medical error, a surgical mistake, or some form of medical negligence, your immediate response is to think about the victim. So today, let's switch it around and think about the effect these medical errors -- and the medical malpractice lawsuits that they inevitably lead to -- have on the medical field.

Pharmaceutical blunder leads to botched study

A company called Peregrine Pharmaceuticals is suing another company called Clinical Supplies Management for an error that compromised a cancer treatment study from 2010 to 2012. The clinical study was supposed to have one group of patients receive the drug, and the other group receive a placebo. Peregrine was the company overseeing the study, and CSM was simply a third party supplying the substances.

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