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Addressing workplace retaliation

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2023 | Employment Law |

If you lose your job, it can be difficult under any circumstances. If your employer fires you because you engaged in a legally protected activity or because you exercised your rights, it may be retaliation.

Wrongful termination

Wrongful termination based on retaliation can take several forms. The employer may have retaliated against you if you were fired for reporting a regulatory violation or unethical behavior, for filing a complaint about workplace discrimination or for reporting harassment.

You are also entitled to request reasonable accommodation if you have a disability and to take leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act if you meet certain criteria, such as pregnancy or if you have a qualifying health condition. If you are terminated for using these benefits, it may be a wrongful termination based on retaliation.

Common examples

There are several other examples of retaliation that you may face in the workplace in addition to termination. Retaliation can include reducing your pay or benefits, withholding a bonus or giving you an unjustified negative performance review.

You may also be subjected to unwarranted disciplinary action, isolation from others in your workplace, and micromanagement or increased supervision, as well as intimidation or threats or other behavior that is intended to damage your professional reputation.

Your employer may have retaliated against you if you were eligible for a promotion or other career advancement that is now denied because you made a report. You have a right to address this behavior and to work in a non-retaliatory environment.


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