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What is a wrongful termination?

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2021 | Employment Law |

Wrongful terminations happen when individuals are fired from their jobs in violation of the law. In Lake Oswego and throughout the state, wrongful terminations happen and victims are often left unsure of what rights the have to fight back. One of the first steps that they can take after a wrongful termination is to contact a trusted employment law attorney for case-specific guidance and advice.

Types of wrongful terminations

As stated, a wrongful termination is one that is executed in violation of a law. Often wrongful terminations are based on violations of employees’ contracts with their employers. When an employer breaches the terms of their agreement with an employee and fires them in violation of the terms they agreed to, the employee may have legal options based on their wrongful termination.

Similarly, wrongful terminations can be based on instances of discrimination, retaliation, and harassment. Employers who target workers of who are included in protected classes based on race, religion, and other classifications and force them out of their jobs can be penalized for their wrongful acts. Workers do not have to take wrongful terminations. They have rights and options under the law.

Remedies for wrongful terminations

Remedies for wrongful terminations can take on many forms. For some, an appropriate remedy for a wrongful termination may be reinstatement back into their job. Others may wish to move on after their firings, but may want to receive the back pay they are entitled to based on their wrongful terminations.

The remedies that a victim has available to them will depend on the law or laws under which they file their wrongful termination claims. Knowing how and when to file a claim based on wrongful termination can be difficult, and attorneys can help. This post does not provide any legal advice and all questions about wrongful termination should be directed to trusted employment law attorneys.



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