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What common surgical errors can hurt patients?

Every surgery has the potential to be dangerous to the patient. Even an experienced surgeon could make a mistake depending on if he or she has had enough sleep or if he or she is used to this particular surgery. It's important for patients to understand common errors so they can better recognize when they have been a victim of a mistake.

What's happening to prevent sponges from being left in patients?

If there was a way to make sure nothing would be left behind during surgery, you'd want to make sure you implemented those procedures. The good news is that there is a new way to avoid leaving sponges in patients. The company Stryker has built a surgical safety system that has "no-mistake" sponges.

Surgical fires: A real risk for patients on the operating table

It may be a shock to you, but catching on fire is actually a legitimate risk in the operating room. As a patient who won't be aware of what's happening around you, that is a terrifying thought. What is supposed to be a simple operation could end up being an event that causes scarring, burn wounds or your death.

Robotic surgeries: The risks are still present

When you think of robotic surgeries, you probably have the preconception that the surgery is safer. You think that a robot is so technically sound that it couldn't make an error. What people tend to misunderstand is that robotic surgeries aren't necessarily fully automated. Human bodies aren't identical, so there's no way to have a surgery performed without the watchful eye and control of a doctor.

Preventing eye injuries is important as surgery becomes common

One kind of surgery that is becoming more common is eye surgery. With the invention of Lasik and other alternative laser surgeries, more people are choosing to have their vision corrected in this manner. Errors made during an eye surgery can leave a person blind, though, so it's vital that surgeons and their staff members are focused and well-versed in the treatments they offer.

Nurses have an important role in helping surgical patients

Nurses are some of the most underappreciated staff at hospitals and in other care facilities. These individuals do much of the heavy lifting, and they help prepare surgeons for the operating room. Nurses provide a service that is unmatched by others in the field, but that means they have to be held responsible if they make errors.

What are some common surgical errors?

Although most surgeons are extremely careful not to cause injuries to their patients, there are some who make mistakes. To err is human, but it's still the responsibility of those providing care to take as many precautions as possible. In the case that you are injured, that party should be held responsible.

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