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When is a doctor at fault for a delayed diagnosis?

Medical doctors don't have the magical ability to diagnose every illness perfectly. Nevertheless, doctors do have a duty to their patients to follow standard medical procedure. In this respect, they need to ask specific questions, check certain areas of the body and perform specific tests depending on the answers to their questions. They should also keep investigating the ailment until they have arrived at a similar answer and diagnosis to that of any other reasonable doctor.

Woman sues over false positive cancer screening and surgeries

Misinformation is awful for patients, because it means they don't know the actual state of their health. They make decisions based on this information, which could be inaccurate. For a woman in Oregon, that meant that she thought she had a diagnosis that she, in reality, did not.

Is it malpractice? Here's 2 things to consider

Failing to diagnose a patient isn't always a sign of malpractice, but there are times when it is. As someone who now has an advanced stage of cancer, you may not be sure why your previous complaints and tests didn't signal that something was wrong. Your medical provider assured you that you were fine.

Artificial intelligence could help eliminate missed diagnoses

So many things are changing in the world of technology that it's no surprise that medicine is benefiting. Artificial intelligence (AI) can help provide accurate diagnoses and reduce the number of mistakes made in the medical setting.

Have you been diagnosed with asthma? It might not be

It may be a shock to be diagnosed with a chronic breathing condition like asthma. Asthma has long-term implications; it's not something you can recover from. Yes, it's controllable for most people, but it's still a condition with the potential to cause life-threatening conditions in minutes.

Diastolic heart failure more prevalent than once believed

There are several reasons for heart failure, but one common cause is when the left ventricle no longer has the ability to fill with blood during the relaxation phase, also known as the diastolic phase. At that point, there is little blood in the heart, which means blood can't be pumped to the body in the right increments.

New technique using squid ink could replace dental probing

A mouthful of squid ink may not sound like something you'd want in your life, but it could help replace the probes used to test for gum disease. Presently, dentists use sharp instruments to look at patients' mouths for signs of gum disease. This is painful and often bloody for patients, and it's frustrating to dentists and hygienists who have to worry about missing symptoms due to patients' fears.

A failed diagnosis could mean death for a patient

An interesting factoid about medical malpractice is that the top cause for suing doctors comes down to a failure to diagnose a patient's problems. No, making mistakes in the operating room or giving out the wrong medications doesn't top the list; not knowing what ails a patient is.

What are some common misdiagnoses?

There are many different medical conditions people suffer from that doctors can misdiagnose or not diagnose at all. Delayed diagnoses and missed diagnoses put people's lives at risk, which is why it's so important for medical providers to do all they can to identify a person's health issue as quickly and accurately as possible.

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