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Fetal monitoring and medical malpractice

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Birth injuries can occur in a variety of ways. Some of them are nothing more than pure accident caused by unforeseen circumstances. Others, though, are the result of doctor error or hospital negligence. This medical malpractice is wholly preventable and completely unacceptable, especially given that a birth injury can have a lifelong impact on your child. So, if your child was harmed by a preventable birth injury, then you need to know what to look for in building your legal case.

The importance of fetal monitoring

One way is to look at fetal monitoring. It goes without saying that fetuses and newborn babies are extremely fragile. In recognition of that fact, medical professionals often engage in fetal monitoring to ensure a baby’s safety and to know when immediate action is necessary to protect an unborn child. Fetal monitoring is common in cases where the mother has heart disease or diabetes, is overweight, the child is in a breech position, or when the risk of infection is high.

This monitoring can occur internally or externally, and typically requires certain medical equipment that provides doctors with information regarding the child’s heart rate. This information then tells doctors a number of things, including whether the baby is in some sort of distress and unable to get the amount of oxygen needed to prevent a brain injury.

Errors in fetal monitoring

Fetal monitoring is only as effective as those actually conducting the monitoring. Sensors that are misplaced, read outs that are misinterpreted, and monitoring that simply isn’t conducted when warranted can all leave your child in a dire position. Yet, these mistakes happen all the time. Doctors, nurses, and hospitals might try to hide these errors, which is why it often falls to the parent/s of an injured child to fully investigate the matter and find accountability.

Imposing liability

Pursuing a medical malpractice lawsuit can be challenging, especially given that doctors and hospitals are often represented by powerful defense attorneys. Don’t let that scare you. With a strong advocate on your side, you can make sure that the truth is known. It’ll take a lot of work, including uncovering evidence held by the other side, preparing witnesses for testimony, developing legal strategies, and arguing the law, but you and your attorney can diligently comb through your case so that you and your child have the best case possible. In the end, attorneys like those at our firm just hope that you and your family can find accountability, closure, and some compensation that allows you to adequately prepare for the future and enter the next stage of life.



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