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The difference between birth injuries and birth defects

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2020 | Doctor Errors |

The birth of a baby is an exciting and scary time. For most new Lake Oswego parents, the concerns of childbirth and delivery melt away once they have their healthy newborns in their arms. However, a smooth transition from pregnancy to parenthood is not always the case. For some, injuries and issues create serious health complications during after labor.

Some birth-present health concerns result from injuries, and others result from defects. This post will look at the difference between the two. No part of this post should be read as legal or medical advice.

How to tell the difference

When a baby is born with one or more health concerns, doctors will evaluate how and when those concerns presented themselves in the child. In some cases, a child’s health issue might be the result of their gestational development. Changes or problems in the development and growth of an unborn child may result in lifelong permanent disabilities or disorders for the affected individual. These defects may not have a cause and fault for their existence may not be assigned to anyone.

Injuries, on the other hand, often have a cause and a responsible party for their cause. Many babies suffer birth injuries when their doctors fail to exercise reasonable care during their deliveries. Injuries caused by the negligence of medical professionals is sometimes compensable through personal injury lawsuits.

What to do after a birth injury

A birth injury can be an emotionally and financially draining problem for a family that is still coping with the arrival of a newborn. When a baby is born with a birth injury, it is important that proper medical care is sought for the health and wellness of the child. Medical intervention may treat some of a child’s needs, but parents should know that they may have rights to seek compensation from the parties that caused their child’s suffering. Those attorneys who practice medical malpractice law may offer counsel to parents unsure of how to help their injured and ailing newborns.


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