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Lawsuit filed after alleged doctor errors result in death

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2020 | Doctor Errors |

For people in Oregon and across the nation, any surgical procedure has its risks. This is true whether it is done for an ongoing medical issue or during cosmetic surgery. Regardless of why the person is having the surgery, it is imperative that the medical professionals adhere to the necessary safety protocol. When there are doctor errors and the patient is injured or dies because of it, it is important to understand what happened and why. This can be an essential aspect of a medical malpractice legal filing for compensation.

Woman who had cosmetic surgery dies after more than a year in a coma

A 19-year-old woman who had a breast augmentation procedure in Colorado in August 2019 died recently. Her family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit because of the alleged mistakes made by the plastic surgeon and his staff. According to the family, the woman was left alone and unobserved for 15 minutes after she had been given anesthetic for the procedure. She subsequently had cardiac arrest and was no longer breathing. She was given CPR, but the staff did not seek emergency help for more than five hours.

Her parents were not told what happened. The family says that mistakes with the anesthesia led to cardiac arrest. She had a brain injury due to a lack of oxygen. The woman was in a facility for 14 months. She had a feeding tube and was unable to communicate or do anything on her own. She had pneumonia and was in a coma. In early October, she was taken to the hospital, but had cardiac arrest several times before dying. The doctor had his license suspended, but was later allowed to return to his practice after being placed on probation by the state medical board.

Medical errors are common and legal assistance can be vital

When a person goes for medical care, there is an expectation that those providing care will behave in a professional and aboveboard way. Surgical procedures can be especially risky and it is crucial that the doctor and staff understand their roles and adhere to the necessary safety procedures. Unfortunately, negligence and mistakes are all too common and people are injured or lose their lives because of it. Whether it was a medication error, misdiagnosis, surgical mistake or doctor errors that led to the negative outcome, evidence may be needed to determine what happened. Having legal assistance can help to recover compensation. A consultation is the first step.



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