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3 types of surgical errors: Were you a victim?

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2018 | Surgical Errors |

It’s terrifying to undergo surgery for a serious illness. It’s even more terrifying to think of the possibility that your surgical procedure could leave you in worse shape than you were before because of a surgical error. However, surgical errors happen on a regular basis throughout the United States. Here are three common types of surgical errors that patients should be aware of in this regard:

Robotic surgery mistakes

Surgical robots are so advanced these days that they are performing many aspects of surgery autonomously. The proponents of robotic surgery say that these robots are more precise and render more consistent results than human surgeons. Nevertheless, they can also make serious, deadly and injurious mistakes — perhaps because the equipment is negligently designed, negligently manufactured, negligently maintained or utilized in a negligent fashion.

Wrong-site surgery errors

It’s really hard to believe that this could happen, but surgeons and their staff are often so busy that they make mistakes that should have been easily avoided. For example, it’s not unheard of that a patient receives the wrong surgery. It’s also quite common for a doctor to operate on the opposite body part than the one intended — even to amputate or remove a perfectly healthy piece of the patient.

Surgical warming blanket injuries

Surgical warming blankets have resulted in infections and other injuries and illnesses in patients. This is an area of medical malpractice that is often overlooked.

Have you suffered from injuries after a medical procedure? Make sure you reach out to a qualified personal injury attorney. Our law firm is available if you’d like to discuss the facts of your potential medical negligence or surgical error lawsuit with a legal counselor.


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