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Parents sue after child dies following heart surgery

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2018 | Hospital Negligence |

A family living in Oregon has claimed that a hospital was negligent and that the negligence led to the death of their child. The story about a 3-month-old child details how the little one had surgery for a congenital heart defect at Oregon Health & Science University Hospital (OHSU). The parents are now seeking $8 million in damages following her death.

OHSU has been accused of negligence following the surgery. The complaint details that the physicians operated on the baby in February 2017. The heart defect, when properly treated, was not life-threatening.

However, physicians noticed that the baby had complications with blood flow during the operation. It was not entering the arteries correctly. This was allegedly caused by the operation. The physicians did not repair the damage, but instead, completed the operation and sent the child to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

She was placed on a ventilator while sedated. However, at one point, someone removed the ventilator despite the child still being sedated. The baby’s blood pressure then dropped, and she lost her pulse. She was placed back on ventilation around 20 minutes later. It took another two hours before she could be placed on a heart-lung bypass machine. The lawsuit claims that the child suffered cardiac arrest, a brain injury and organ failure as a result of a sub-optimal surgery. She died only 13 days following the surgery, a death that her parents are convinced is related to the poor care she received while undergoing the surgery.

Cases like this one are tragic but important to learn about. If you lose a loved one to negligence or malpractice, there are options to help you recover what losses you can.


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