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Know the signs of fetal distress

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2015 | Hospital Negligence |

Whether it is your first child or fifth, pregnancy can be both a wonderful and frightening time in your life. Chemical and physical changes can have an unexpected impact that might ultimately prove harmful to the unborn fetus. Parents trust their chosen medical professionals to constantly monitor potential hazards and provide prompt communication when something might be going wrong.

Fetal distress is the term used to collectively describe the different dangerous elements that might injure the unborn baby. Whether you are experiencing vaginal bleeding or a decrease in fetal movement, it is wise to consult with your doctor immediately as these might be signs of fetal distress. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for medical professionals to miss the signs of distress or misdiagnose fetal distress. If your doctor has acted negligently, you might be entitled to recover monetary compensation.

Numerous situations can lead to fetal distress. A motor vehicle accident or workplace accident, for example, can lead to serious problems. Additionally, an illness or serious medical condition can be harmful to both the mother and unborn baby. Devoid of outside factors, the fetus can be in distress based on fetal positioning, an abnormally short umbilical cord or the presence of multiple fetuses.

One important test is described as “movement counts.” The baby’s level of activity can be a direct indicator of distress. Many institutions encourage mothers to count the baby’s movements. Typically, a baby will move at least 10 times during a two hour period. Expectant mothers might become used to this movement and tune it out. It is wise to devote some time each day to monitoring the baby’s movements. If the baby’s activity level significantly drops, contact your doctor immediately.

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