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Shoulder dystocia can be deadly when doctors fail to act

On Behalf of | May 27, 2021 | Doctor Errors |

Shoulder dystocia is a serious birth complication that can result in permanent injuries and death. Often, knowledgeable medical professionals help mothers and babies through this scary situation and avoid any trauma to their patients. However, when doctors fail to recognize and act during births where shoulder dystocia is present, Lake Oswego mothers and babies can suffer significant losses.

This post will introduce readers to shoulder dystocia and how it may present during labor and delivery. It does not offer any medical advice and no reader should interpret the contents of this post as legal guidance. When medical negligence or malpractice impacts the health and well-being of a mother or baby during the birthing process, they can seek the counsel of a medical malpractice attorney for assistance.

What is shoulder dystocia?

Shoulder dystocia happens when a baby’s shoulders get stuck in the birthing canal. Because of the obstruction, the baby cannot move forward, and the mother may not be able to push the baby through the canal without assistance. When a baby becomes caught due to shoulder dystocia, they can suffer a lack of oxygen and other injuries from their confinement.

There are a number of interventions that doctors can use to help mothers who face this difficult birthing problem. The use of vacuum suction or forceps may assist a mother to deliver her baby. These devices, however, also introduce risks that can result in injuries to both mothers and babies. A cesarean section may also be necessary to deliver a baby who suffers from shoulder dystocia.

Preventing loss when shoulder dystocia occurs

Proper monitoring and patient care are essential to avoiding complications from shoulder dystocia. A doctor may not be able to prevent the condition, there are many proactive steps they can take to ensure that a mother and baby have a healthy labor and delivery. The failure of a medical professional to monitor or identify shoulder dystocia may be a sign of medical malpractice. In the event that a family is affected by this serious situation, they may choose to speak with a medical malpractice attorney about their possible claims of medical malpractice.



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