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Medication errors affect children far too often

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2021 | Doctor Errors |

Errors occur all the time in the medical setting. It’s a frightening thought, for sure, but the realities can be even more nightmarish. Far too often, unsuspecting patients who wanted nothing more that the accurate and effective treatment that their medical professionals have been trained to provide are left with lifelong and sometimes life-ending harm. Even more tragic is the fact that these medical mistakes can hurt perhaps the most vulnerable amongst us: our children.

Medication errors common in children

Although, as we have discussed previously on this blog, children are oftentimes hurt by birth injuries, they are also frequently harmed by medication errors. In fact, some studies show that as many as ten percent of all pediatric medication orders administered to hospitalized children result in some sort of error. That’s a staggering figure considering that a medication overdose can kill a child.

There can be a number of causes for medication errors in children. Chief amongst them may be the fact that there is a lot more taken into consideration when dosing medication for a child than there is when administering medication to an adult. The child’s weight, for example, can play a huge role. If a child’s weight is misread, then a medical professional can administer a dose that is significantly higher than the child’s body can handle.

Of course, there are other errors that can cause a child to be harmed by a medication error. For example, a distracted or fatigued doctor can unintentionally administer the wrong medication or the wrong dosage.

Find accountability for your child’s injuries

Your children are probably the most precious thing in your life. That’s why it’s imperative that you take action to protect them and hold those who have harmed them accountable for their actions. Proving medical malpractice is easier said than done, though, which is why if you’re facing a situation involving medication error you might want to discuss your case with an attorney who will know how to fight for a just outcome.



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