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The birth of a child is supposed to be exciting and joyous. Unfortunately, though, many families have to find a way to deal with a birth injury that can have serious ramifications for a child. As we discussed in a previous post, for example, doctor errors can lead to brain damage in newborns. These injuries can have life-long effects that cause physical, cognitive, and emotional limitations, and a child’s parents can suffer extensive financial losses as they do everything they can to get their child the care they deserve. These families want answers, accountability, and compensation.

How legal assistance could help

Fortunately, you might be able to get all of those things through a successful medical malpractice lawsuit. An experienced legal team like ours knows how to build malpractices cases against errant doctors as well as hospital negligence claims. This might mean taking depositions, possessing a deep understanding of relevant case law, developing persuasive legal arguments, and engaging in aggressive negotiations and litigation. By doing so, we have achieve successful outcomes for many of our clients, helping them obtain financial stability while they focus on how to move forward.

Not all law firms are created equal

If you’re looking for legal representation, then you might feel inundated with choices. At first glance, these firms might all look similar, but the truth of the matter is that there are vast differences amongst them. Our firm, for example, provides personalized attention that helps our clients feel heard and allows us to build the claims they want. Additionally, we have more than 40 years of experience that sets us apart from a lot of firms. While many attorneys are afraid to go to trial, we stand ready to zealously advocate for our clients and what they want.

There’s hope for your future

If your child has been injured due to hospital negligence and doctor error, then the future might seem bleak. But there is hope. A successful lawsuit might be a strong first step toward recovery and a new start that allows you to focus on your child and making life as full and rewarding for him or her as possible.


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