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Medical negligence leads to many different problems

On Behalf of | May 16, 2019 | Hospital Negligence |

Negligence in a medical setting can cost you dearly. After all, you trust doctors and nurses with your life, even when you’re not thinking about it.

Perhaps you have a deadly allergy to a certain medication, for instance. They assure you that they read your file and they won’t give you that medication. You don’t know what all of the pills and fluids are supposed to look like, though. You just take what they give you. If one medical worker makes a careless mistake, you could suffer serious harm as a result.

This is just one example. Negligence can really lead to a whole host of potential mistakes, such as:

  • Giving you medication that does not actually treat the problem you have
  • Mixing medications that should not be used together
  • Operating on the wrong site when doing a surgical procedure
  • Doing an operation on you that was supposed to be done on another person with a similar name
  • Not diagnosing your issue correctly or not making a timely diagnosis at all
  • Not getting proper consent from you before carrying out a procedure
  • Causing you to get an infection as your body tries to heal from surgery or some other procedure
  • Not checking on you often enough or not responding properly when there is an emergency

It’s impossible to list the full range of mistakes that medical professionals can and often do make. You need to be aware of the fact that you face serious risks when doctors are negligent, even if they mean well, and you may have legal options if you suffer harm.


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