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Did your doctor ignore cancer symptoms?

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2019 | Doctor Errors |

Cancer symptoms aren’t always obvious. It often seems like something completely unrelated. Is that cough just a persistent cold that you can’t shake or are you in the early stages of lung cancer? It can be hard to tell.

While people often ignore symptoms, one thing is for certain: You don’t want your doctor to ignore them. That’s your doctor’s job. That’s why you go in for a checkup. If the doctor negligently decides not to do tests or just ignores symptoms outright, it can delay your diagnosis. It can even prove fatal.

So, what are some of the more common symptoms people ignore? A few of them include:

  • Snoring and coughing that will not go away. Don’t worry if it’s just for a few days when you’re sick. If you’ve been coughing and snoring for months, though, that’s something to look into.
  • Sudden weight loss. Maybe you think you finally fixed your diet or started exercising enough. Hopefully, that’s the case, but unexplained weight loss is a problem.
  • Chronic fatigue. It’s easy to write off fatigue as the result of being too busy or staying up too late. When you feel constantly exhausted no matter how much you sleep, though, you could be sick.
  • Any changes to shapes and spots on the skin. Many spots are just freckles, moles or scars that you don’t need to worry about, but the ones that change or grow could be cancer.

If your doctor makes a mistake or overlooks something that causes you harm, you have to know all of the legal options you have after the fact.


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