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Mistakes doctors too often make during childbirth

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2019 | Doctor Errors |

A newborn is very fragile and vulnerable, and it is of the utmost importance that doctors in the delivery room avoid mistakes that could lead to injury. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. Doctors are human, they make mistakes and newborns suffer significant injuries as a result.

To help you see how this happens, here are a few examples of common errors:

  • Not properly assessing the situation and the risks when applying pressure, which can lead to bone fractures
  • Using forceps incorrectly when assisting with the delivery
  • Using other tools, such as a vacuum extraction system, carelessly or incorrectly
  • Not performing an emergency c-section when that would have been the proper course of action
  • Not seeing when the newborn is experiencing fetal distress and emergency measures are needed
  • Missing an obvious complication, such as a baby who is in the breech position
  • Leaving surgical instruments inside a patient after a c-section
  • Not cleaning instruments properly, allowing the child or the mother to get an infection
  • Giving the mother an excessive amount of medication, giving her two conflicting medications or accidentally giving her a medication to which she is allergic
  • Not checking up on the child at the proper times after the birth is complete

These are just a handful of examples, but they help to show just how dangerous the birthing process can be when the doctor is careless and negligent. You do not deserve that type of medical care. Neither does your child. If you or your baby is harmed by a doctor’s negligence or actions, make sure you know about all of the options you have to seek financial compensation


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