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Hospitals can become dangerous places for patients

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2018 | Hospital Negligence |

Hospitals are supposed to be safe havens for the sick and tired. They’re meant to be places where you get better when you’re sick and bring new life into the world.

Unfortunately, not all hospitals are the perfect, idealized centers of health care you’d hope to visit. In fact, some facilities don’t have the equipment needed to help you in a crisis, while others may make errors that leave you with more serious injuries than you arrived with.

One thing to watch out for is a freestanding emergency room. You probably know them as emergency clinics. While these clinics are great for minor injuries and illnesses, many don’t have the tools to treat more serious trauma. Save time and go straight to a hospital if you’re in need of emergency care.

Another thing to remember is that hospital-borne infections are a real risk to you and others. While hospitals aim to reduce the risk of infections, it’s up to you as a patient to insist on sterilization. Ask the staff to use bleach and alcohol wipes to eliminate bacteria and viruses that could make you sick and be resistant to antibiotics.

Finally, remember that you should always ask about what your treatment entails. Doctors and nurses make mistakes, but if you keep current on your medications and what to expect each day, you can help prevent the very errors that could otherwise hurt or kill you.

Hospital errors aren’t unusual, so it’s important to watch out for your own health while you’re there. If you’re hurt, you can make a claim while you seek additional treatment options.


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