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Hospital errors threaten lives every day

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You go to the hospital when you’re in pain or when you’re sick. You trust the people there to help you, not to make matters worse.

Hospital negligence and errors have the potential to put your life at risk. These errors happen more often than you may believe, which is something to be concerned about. Here are a few common mistakes hospitals make that you should watch out for.

Cleanliness and infections

Many parents die or suffer because of hospital-borne infections. It’s vital to make sure your nurses and the staff pays attention to cleanliness. They should wipe down your skin before inserting catheters or needles, use sterile items and always wash their hands. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has estimated that up to 722,000 infections occurred in 2011 due to hospital-borne bacteria.

Improper positioning

Another problem that has cost some patients their lives is not being in the right position for a ventilator to work correctly. Patients shouldn’t lie flat while on a ventilator, because it could lead to ventilator-assisted pneumonia. Doctors can also help reduce the risk of infection by checking daily to see if the ventilator is really necessary.

Poor monitoring

If you go to the Intensive Care Unit, make sure you’re seen by the critical care specialist. Involving the medical provider who is trained to work with the most desperate of patients helps reduce your risk of death by up to 30 percent.

Our website has more information about hospital errors. You have a right to learn more and to pursue compensation if you’ve been hurt.


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