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Man sues for $9.4 million due to delayed treatment of stroke

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2017 | Failure To Diagnose |

When you go to the doctor for an illness, he or she may order tests. Those tests play a large role in how you’ll be treated. If the test result is incorrect, then you may not receive the treatment you need, or you might receive a treatment you didn’t need at all.

In a case reported on March 21, a man in Astoria filed a medical malpractice lawsuit over a radiologist’s alleged negligence. He claims that the radiologist missed the signs of a stroke.

The man, a music shop owner, went to the hospital in August 2016 when he suffered from slurred speech and facial drooping. A radiologist at Columbia Memorial Hospital took a magnetic resonance image (MRI) and magnetic resonance angiography but reported no abnormalities in the tests.

Despite his claim that nothing was abnormal, the man was transferred to Providence St. Vincent Medical Center hours later. A second opinion from a neurologist found that there was a blockage of the man’s basilar artery. That artery delivers blood to the central nervous system and brain.

The man suffered from acute hypoxia and respiratory failure, which left him in a coma. He suffers from a traumatic brain injury along with partial paralysis. He believes he suffered these injuries due to the delay in medical treatment. His lawsuit is seeking $9.4 million in economic and noneconomic damages.

A delay in treatment, especially when it’s a delay in treating a potentially fatal illness, can leave you with serious injuries. It could even kill you. It’s your right to pursue the compensation you need after this kind of negligence takes place.

Source: Daily Astorian, “Music shop owner sues radiologist for negligence,” Derrick DePledge, March 21, 2017


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