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Woman dies after being sent home from hospital following seizure

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2015 | Failure To Diagnose |

You would think that after the thousands upon thousands of incidents that show medical professionals failing to do their job, things would at least start to change. You would think silly mistakes — ones that seem to involve a lack of attention to detail — would be cleaned up. And yet, time and again, we see the same horrifying mistakes being made by medical professionals, and these mistakes cost innocent patients their lives.

This time, a woman died because doctors sent her home from the hospital after she had a seizure. She went on to have two more seizures and was declared brain-dead shortly after the third seizure. The kicker is that the woman had a CT scan at the hospital after her first seizure, and there are signs of bleeding on the brain in the scan. However, doctors diagnosed the woman with a sinus infection and a migraine and sent her on her way.

The woman’s family — she leaves behind a husband and two children — are suing a hospital and two medical professionals for their substandard care. The lawsuit asks for compensation in excess of $1 million.

No matter how many times things like this happen, there will always be highly-trained and specialized medical staffers that make mistakes. May they be honest mistakes or truly careless and inexcusable mistakes, the result is often the same: a patient who suffers greatly, and loved ones who are left reeling. The victims of such medical malpractice have to hold irresponsible medical professionals responsible when these unfortunate events occur.

Source: CBS DFW, “Family Of Fort Worth Mom Sues Hospital For Medical Malpractice,” Jennifer Lindgren, July 6, 2015


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