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Risky procedures for those over 50 put your life at risk

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2018 | Medical Malpractice |

There are many medical procedures that are dangerous for patients of any age, but there are several that have an increased risk if you’re over the age of 50. It’s important for medical providers to discuss with you the increased risk of these procedures. If they don’t and you end up with injuries, you could have a case for negligence or other related issues.

One of the things that becomes more dangerous as you get older is the risk of radiation. Radiation takes time to leave your body and does increase your risk of cancer. It’s only a small amount each time you receive an X-ray or imaging service, but it does add up.

Another risky procedure is a coronary angiogram. This procedure requires a catheter to be inserted into your arteries. Then, the medical provider checks for blockages in the arteries near the heart or in other areas. It can be a life-saving procedure, but there is still a risk to your health. Statistics have shown that one in 50 people who have a stent inserted do end up with serious complications or die from the insertion itself.

Finally, remember that catheters can be fatal for you if you leave them in for too long. They’re a leading cause of UTIs among patients and can lead to infection. It’s important for medical providers to monitor patients closely if they need catheters. They should also have the catheters changed regularly.

These are just a few procedures that can put you at risk. If you get hurt or lose a loved one because of them, know your rights. Malpractice may have been involved.

Source: Health & Fitness Cheat Sheet, “Most Dangerous Medical Procedures You May Want to Avoid If You’re Over 50,” Lauren Weiler, March 26, 2018


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