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New vest prevents patients from suffering from heart failure

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2017 | Medical Malpractice |

What if you could make sure that no heart-failure patient had to return to the hospital unnecessarily? Doctors are at that point with a new invention that could help patients live their lives more freely. A news report from July 11 states that a new high-tech vest is the answer that could help stop deaths from heart problems.

The vest, which is digital, uses technology that measures the amount of fluids in the patient’s lungs. The vest sends electromagnetic waves through the patient’s body, which then alerts the vest to how much fluid has blocked its signal.

How can this help patients? Instead of having to guess when it’s time to go back to the hospital, patients can know. Doctors can change medication dosages and alter treatment plans to help reduce the progression of the illness. The vest also makes it possible for the patient to live at home, which is less costly and more comfortable.

Today, 350 patients are part of a trial using this vest. Half are using the vest, while the other half are not. In a previous, smaller study, it was found that the rate of hospital admissions among heart-failure patients had dropped by 87 percent in the first three months of use.

Congestive heart failure simply means that the heart has weakened because of a heart attack, hypertension or other causes. Since it can’t pump blood adequately, blood accumulates in the lungs. This new treatment can help doctors prevent the buildup of fluids in a patient’s lungs, so they can breathe easier.

This is just one way medical providers could be able to help patients in the future. If you lose a loved one because you are not offered the newest technology or because your medical provider is not taking his or her care seriously, then you may have a claim against him or her.

Source: Cleveland.com, “High-tech vest may help heart failure patients avoid hospital stays,” Julie Washington, July 11, 2017


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