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You can get help after you suffer from a surgical error

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Avoiding surgical errors is something everyone wants. No medical provider wants to make mistakes that injure a patient. No patient wants to deal with the aftermath of a serious mistake made during surgery. It’s a good idea for both people to work together to find a way to avoid surgical errors.

Medical providers usually have a system of checks they perform to make sure they don’t make errors. As a patient, you can help. Here are a few tips to help prevent surgical mistakes.

— Site marks

One of the first things that happens when you’re going to have surgery is that the body part is marked. For example, if you are having an operation on your wrist, the wrist will be marked so that the surgical team operates on the correct side of the body. If you have a mark in a location that you don’t believe is accurate, speak up. Say that you thought the surgery was on the left and not the right side or vice versa. It might save you the trouble of needing a second operation.

— Inaccurate patient information

Another thing you might notice is inaccurate patient information. For instance, when you receive your medical wristband, you might notice it doesn’t have your allergy listed. Take the time to point this out to the nurses and doctors you see. It’s important to correct that error before it affects you with serious complications.

These are just two helpful tips that prevent some of the most common surgical mistakes. If you’re still hurt, your attorney can help you get the settlement you deserve. Our website has more information.


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