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Can doctor errors be reduced by ordering more tests?

One of the biggest complaints that patients here in Oregon and around the country have is that doctors fail to take the time to be sure that a diagnosis is correct and the right treatment is prescribed. A recent study indicates that some doctors are attempting to avoid mistakes by ordering more tests and procedures -- generally spending more money on each patient. The data indicates that claims for doctor errors are reduced by those who follow this practice.

Many claims regarding doctor errors never go to trial

When patients here in Oregon and across the country suffer injuries at the hands of the medical personnel to whom they entrusted their health and lives, a medical malpractice suit could be filed. Many of those cases never go to trial, however. Settlements are common in cases where doctor errors are alleged in order to avoid the expense, time and emotional turmoil that a trial can create.

Jury says doctor errors led to man's death

Most people across the country and here in Oregon would expect a patient complaining of chest pains to be given at least minimal cardiac testing to ensure that patient is not suffering from a heart attack or some other heart-related malady that could be life-threatening. That is what one man and his family expected when a man went to see his family physician and visited the emergency room of a hospital in his area. After he died, surviving family members filed a lawsuit alleging that doctor errors caused his death.

Medical experts may be used to identify doctor errors in claims

Many Oregon readers would agree that understanding medical procedures and terminology can be a challenge. For this reason, most malpractice claims alleging doctor errors require an appropriate medical expert to review the case and provide an opinion regarding whether the doctor made a mistake. The expert's testimony can be invaluable in explaining what went wrong to the court and/or a jury.

Couples suing for fertility doctor errors

Many couples throughout the country -- including many here in Oregon -- are unable to have children on their own. They require medical intervention in order to conceive, and they entrust their ability to have a child to fertility doctors and science. When doctor errors take away their dreams of being parents, a medical malpractice suit may be appropriate.

Mother says doctor errors killed her son

In Nov. 2012, a man suffered an injury at work that required surgery and a cast to be put on his leg. By Dec. 18, 2012, he was dead, and his mother blames doctor errors. As many Oregon residents would do in her place, she filed a medical malpractice claim against the doctor in 2014.

Report: Diagnostic errors too common in the U.S.

Medical professionals and health safety advocates will agree: misdiagnoses and delayed diagnoses happen all too often. One aspect of the problem, though, is that diagnostic errors are often cognitive errors on the part of doctors -- the mistakes happen in the doctors' minds -- and are therefore more difficult to pinpoint.

Doctor errors do not begin to cover physican's alleged crimes

According to reports Oregon residents may have seen, a doctor has been over-prescribing medication for years in two different states. Officials say that his recent actions are more than simple doctor errors. The most recent investigation into his activities began in 2014 after a pharmacist was cleared of allegations from parents who complained that he refused to fill their prescriptions. As it turns out, the prescriptions the pharmacist refused to fill were from the doctor now in jail on a $200,000 bond.

Did doctor errors lead to a man's debilitating stroke?

Most Oregon residents believe that when they have a medical issue, a doctor will be able to pinpoint what that issue is and provide a course of treatment that will either cure or control the ailment. In order to achieve that goal, a physician will often perform a thorough examination, listen to the patient's concerns and review the medical history. If further testing is needed, it is ordered. Any doctor errors that occur during this process could have dire consequences for the patient.

Don't forget about the statute of limitations

Let's say that you go to the doctor's office, and during the course of the visit you endure substandard care. As a result of this poor care, you are injured or you suffer a different medical condition that can be tied back to the doctor and his or her performance. Even though you are aware of the potential of negligence on the part of the doctor, you still take your time with the situation. You want to think it through before proceeding with any action.

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