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39 percent of internists accused of failure to diagnose

Oregon residents who are suffering from unknown maladies rely on their doctors to discover their conditions and how to treat them. In order to make an accurate diagnosis and provide the proper treatment, it is necessary for an internist to gather as much information as possible about the patient’s history and current condition. A failure to diagnose the condition, diagnose it too late or prescribe the wrong course of treatment can have serious health consequences for the patient.

Jury says doctor errors led to woman's death

Even when a prognosis is unclear, much of the stress associated with an illness can be relieved when a diagnosis is made and a treatment plan is established. Oregon patients rely on their doctors to carry out the treatment plan in accordance with established care standards. When doctor errors cause treatment to be ineffective, patients can suffer serious, debilitating or even deadly consequences.

Far too many people die from hospital negligence each year

Most people in Oregon would agree that everyone makes mistakes. Unfortunately, when a medical professional or a hospital makes that mistake, it can mean the death or serious injury of another person. The fact is that far too many people die each year from hospital negligence.

These doctor errors are frightening and appalling

Nearly every Oregon resident has heard horror stories about mistakes that happened to patients while under the care of medical personnel. The stories can be hard to believe, but the documents filed in courthouses across the country verify that the doctor errors actually occurred. Below are just a few of the more frightening and appalling instances of medical malpractice that happened around the country.

Man claims doctor errors led him to rehab and his wife to divorce

Managing pain with medications often requires a delicate balance -- especially when opiods are prescribed. Doctors here in Oregon and elsewhere need to monitor their patients closely because these drugs are addictive and can cause harm to the patient if not given in the correct dosages. When doctor errors occur, people can die.

Woman blames doctor errors for her pregnancy

Many women here in Oregon and elsewhere want to have children, but not all of them want to go through a pregnancy in order to have a child. Some even undergo surgery in order to ensure that they are not able to conceive. One woman who wanted to undergo a tubal ligation (often called "having your tubes tied") now blames doctor errors on the fact that she got pregnant.

Award in case involving doctor errors upheld by appeals court

Many Oregon residents have fought in civil court for restitution after being seriously injured by -- or losing a family member to -- mistakes made by the medical personnel. After what could be a long and hard fought battle to prove that doctor errors caused the harm, the parties held responsible by the court could appeal the case. This often delays the victim's ability to collect on any monetary judgment awarded as a result of a successful trial.

Case alleging that doctor errors killed Joan Rivers is settled

Oregon readers might be aware of the details regarding the death of comedian Joan Rivers, and that her daughter, Melissa Rivers, filed a medical malpractice claim against those believed to be responsible. Rivers alleged that her mother's death was due to doctor errors at the clinic where her mother had gone for a "routine" procedure. Recently, that case was settled, and the family is said to be able to put the matter to rest.

Doctor errors injured her son, but hospital is off the hook

The Oregon Supreme Court recently overturned a verdict that would have provided a mother and her child with the money they need in order to cover their current and future medical costs. Even though the woman's child will never have a normal life because of doctor errors, the court agreed with the hospital that they do not owe her any additional monies despite what the jury and the judge who presided over the medical malpractice case said. Therefore, she is now contemplating filing for bankruptcy to deal with the millions of dollars in medical bills that remain.

Woman incarcerated in Oregon says doctor errors cost her a kidney

The state of Oregon is responsible for the health and welfare of each of the inmates who are in the custody of the Oregon Department of Corrections (ODOC). Inmates do not have the freedom to seek medical attention on their own, and they rely on doctors within the ODOC. When doctor errors occur, it is possible that an inmate could suffer serious injury or death.

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