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What is a pharmacist's job meant to include?

Doctor errors, which can range from forgetting to call back a patient to providing the wrong prescriptions, have the potential to seriously harm those who rely on medical providers for care. Sometimes, it's not even the medical doctor's direct errors that cause a problem, but instead an error by a doctor of pharmacy.

Prescription errors: The risk to patients

Prescription mistakes can put patients' lives in danger, which is why it's so important for doctors to get their patients' prescriptions right the first time. Even if a doctor gets the prescription right, a pharmacist could make a mistake. For this reason, it's wise for patients to have a full discussion with the medical provider about what the medication is and what to expect.

Doctors admit to errors, show why mistakes are simple to make

If you lose a loved one or are hurt as a result of a doctor's errors, you want to do everything in your power to make the situation right. In most cases, hospitals and doctors do feel the same way, but they also have to protect their interests. Because of that, it's normal to see patients fighting for compensation through medical malpractice lawsuits or private settlements with the hospital.

What is the importance of informed consent?

As a patient, it's important that you're given all the information you can get about your upcoming medical procedure. Whether it's a minor surgery or major treatment program, it's necessary for you to know all the potential side effects, complications and factors that could play a role in your recovery.

Medication mistakes threaten patients' lives

Medication errors are some of the easiest to miss but have the potential to be life-threatening. Medication mistakes range from being given the wrong dose to taking the wrong medication completely. Around one out of every 1,000 prescriptions is wrong in some way, which means that patients are under threat every day.

Tired, sick nurses make more mistakes, study finds

There's no question that working at a hospital is complicated and stressful. Patients come into the hospital in pain, under stress and fearing the worst. For nurses who are the front-line advocate for the patient, this can mean extreme stress or anxiety on the job.

Are expert testimonies necessary or reliable?

In a medical malpractice case, you may need to have experts testify on your behalf. It's important to have an expert in the same field as the doctor who made an error that caused your injury speak about the situation and what could have been done to prevent it. The courts often rely on the professional knowledge of an expert to dictate what is or is not professional behavior and an appropriate standard of care.

Diagnostic errors put patients' lives at risk

Diagnostic errors can result in a person getting treatments he or she doesn't need or not receiving the treatment that's required to prevent the spread of disease. As a patient who has suffered because of diagnostic errors, you know the importance of medical providers doing everything they can to give you the correct diagnosis. Not doing so can result in terminal illnesses or other complications.

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