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Parents sue after child dies following heart surgery

A family living in Oregon has claimed that a hospital was negligent and that the negligence led to the death of their child. The story about a 3-month-old child details how the little one had surgery for a congenital heart defect at Oregon Health & Science University Hospital (OHSU). The parents are now seeking $8 million in damages following her death.

Hospital negligence: Disinfectants are a requirement

One of the things all patients want is to know that a hospital is clean. It is a hospital's responsibility to clean as best as possible to prevent the spread of infection. It isn't just surfaces that have to be cleaned; medical equipment, beds, sheets, sinks and other items all have to be cleaned regularly and with the right cleaning supplies.

Patients at risk when medical facility uses open-plan design

Violence never has a place in a hospital or care center. When people go to seek care, they need a calm environment where they feel safe. Some people struggle with mental health conditions that may make them violent when least expected. For that reason, many hospitals and intake centers limit patients' exposure to one another and have safeguards in place to prevent attacks.

What do you need for a successful medical malpractice claim?

Many patients who fall ill while in a hospital's care may hope that they can pursue a medical malpractice claim, but how easy is it really? The reality is that many people attempt and fail to bring lawsuits against hospitals, but every case is different. Where your case may have merit, others may not have enough evidence to pursue a case.

How can patients help doctors make a good diagnosis?

There are many misconceptions about the medical field, but one that hurts doctors the most is that they are perfect. The reality is that doctors are human and do make errors. When doctors make mistakes, many times they don't affect their patients. When they make errors, it's possible that patients could be left with serious injuries or pass away.

Patients deserve to know if their test results are unusual

Failing to contact a patient who needs ongoing treatment or who needs to begin treatment can be the first failure in a series that leads to the patient's illness progressing and potentially leading to death. Take, for example, cases like one involving a young woman who had heavy bleeding. An obstetrics and gynecology professional spoke with her and performed tests. She was given a blood transfusion and even had to receive an injection to slow and stop the bleeding. She was discharged.

Transferring patient information can lead to mistakes

As a patient, all you want is for your medical provider to know you, your symptoms and what to do to help. One way medical technology has changed is by increasing the use of digital systems. These systems help catch medical errors and inform your provider.

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