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A terrifying surgical mistake: Anesthesia awareness

When you think of surgical mistakes, you probably think of the surgeon making a clear error. Wrong-site surgery is often cited. People worry about having the procedure done on the wrong body part and waking up to find out that their life has been forever altered.

Surgeons may honestly think they're not making a mistake

When you think about surgical mistakes, such as operating on the wrong limb, it makes the surgeon sound very careless. You have this idea in mind that the surgeon just doesn't know what is going on, doesn't really care, and acts negligently. It's hard to fathom how that could happen with such significant ramifications on the line.

Communication and retained surgical items

Retained surgical items are those left behind in a patient after a surgery is carried out. While many stories about this involve clearly dangerous items like scalpels and needles, it could also include things like gauze or sponges. No matter what the item is, it can cause serious physical issues for the patient; in the worst cases, these retained items can lead to injuries, infections and even fatalities.

C-sections and common medical mistakes

As far as surgery goes, it does not get much more routine than a cesarean-section. These surgeries happen every single day. Thousands and thousands of children enter the world in this relatively safe manner. In many cases, having the surgery is far safer for the baby and the mother than trying to have a natural birth.

Doctor explains how to avoid mistakes with robot surgery

Robotic surgery sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, and that makes a lot of people nervous. In recent news reports, people have revealed that they generally think that this type of procedure is too dangerous or carries too great of a level of risk.

3 types of surgical errors: Were you a victim?

It's terrifying to undergo surgery for a serious illness. It's even more terrifying to think of the possibility that your surgical procedure could leave you in worse shape than you were before because of a surgical error. However, surgical errors happen on a regular basis throughout the United States. Here are three common types of surgical errors that patients should be aware of in this regard:

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