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Medical malpractice: What does ‘res ipsa’ mean?

Whenever a personal injury plaintiff files a lawsuit alleging medical malpractice, they will be at a severe disadvantage. The treating physician are experienced in all things related to medicine, so they will be particularly skilled at defending their actions in court. Not only that, but the medical provider probably created the very medical records that the plaintiff will use as evidence in his or her case. Physicians are skilled at writing chart notes in a way that reduces the chances that they could be at legal risk later.

Did your doctor or nurse make a medication mistake?

Whenever a doctor prescribes medication -- and whenever a nurse administers medication at a hospital -- there is a chance of making a mistake. In fact, these mistakes happen all the time and every day at hospitals throughout the United States, and usually, they don't result in any kind of injury or adverse reaction in the patient. Sometimes, however, a medication error will come with devastating and fatal consequences.

3 ways to avoid a medical malpractice injury

It's your doctor's responsibility to ask you the right questions and fully examine your symptoms to accurately diagnose and treat your medical condition. It's your doctor's responsibility to follow standard medical procedure when giving you care. This is why -- when a doctor is negligent or reckless when administering care -- patients who are injured as a result can pursue a medical negligence claim for financial damages.

What is a pharmacist's job meant to include?

Doctor errors, which can range from forgetting to call back a patient to providing the wrong prescriptions, have the potential to seriously harm those who rely on medical providers for care. Sometimes, it's not even the medical doctor's direct errors that cause a problem, but instead an error by a doctor of pharmacy.

Prescription errors: The risk to patients

Prescription mistakes can put patients' lives in danger, which is why it's so important for doctors to get their patients' prescriptions right the first time. Even if a doctor gets the prescription right, a pharmacist could make a mistake. For this reason, it's wise for patients to have a full discussion with the medical provider about what the medication is and what to expect.

Doctors admit to errors, show why mistakes are simple to make

If you lose a loved one or are hurt as a result of a doctor's errors, you want to do everything in your power to make the situation right. In most cases, hospitals and doctors do feel the same way, but they also have to protect their interests. Because of that, it's normal to see patients fighting for compensation through medical malpractice lawsuits or private settlements with the hospital.

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