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Is an infection something to sue a hospital over?

Imagine going into the hospital for a minor medical procedure. It's an outpatient operation, but you end up staying overnight because of complication. That's fine, there was no way for the medical providers to know you had an allergy to one of the medications being used.

Convicted ex-nursing assistance acquitted of new charges

Medical malpractice is a serious threat to patients, especially patients who cannot speak for themselves or who have trouble asserting themselves. When a nurse or doctor takes advantage of a patient, it is horrifying for family members and can leave patients with mental and physical injuries.

Oregon case makes it easier to claim for loss of chance theory

What can you do if you're in pain and sick but a doctor doesn't diagnose you correctly? It's normal to file a claim for medical malpractice, but something that you can also seek out is compensation for the "loss of chance," thanks to a current case in Oregon. This legal theory rides on the allegation that the patient lost his or her right to a chance at recovery due to medical negligence.

Proving fault: Starting a medical malpractice case

When you suffer at the hands of a medical practitioner, it's your right to pursue a medical malpractice case. This case can help you get the compensation you need for further medical care and to help you recover what you've already spent for the care you received.

Senior care center failed to report sexual abuse, several claim

If your loved one is in a nursing home or hospital, you expect that he or she will receive the best care. Not getting the care they need puts them at risk of further injuries. Sometimes, they're at risk of abuse, especially if a hospital or facility is negligent during the hiring process.

Hospitals and doctors: Apologizing matters and saves money

Should a doctor apologize if he or she makes a mistake that injures you or a loved one? Some believe that hospitals should speak up immediately and take steps to make it right. For example, one man who faced a botched surgery that left him a quadriplegic received an apology and an undisclosed payment in compensation. The case never went to court. In another case, a woman wasn't given any answers and dedicated her time to finding out what went wrong.

You can file a lawsuit if you're hurt at the hospital

Hospital negligence is a serious problem that causes many patients to leave the hospital with new, short- or long-term injuries. Some even pass away because of the negligence they're shown. If you're a victim of negligence, you know how much it can impact your life. A failed diagnosis, wrong-site surgery or other errors can change your life instantly.

Negligence can lead to injuries, and you can file a claim

It's never a good thing when a patient feels that he or she hasn't received the type of care he or she expected while in the hospital. In fact, hospital staff members are held to high standards of care, and they should provide adequate, appropriate care to every person who needs treatment.

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