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Ovarian cysts: A correct diagnosis is necessary for treatment

Ovarian cysts are common among women. They are often misdiagnosed, which results in delayed treatment, because symptoms vary and mimic other problems. Some women won't know they have ovarian cysts because they have no symptoms. Others have mild symptoms like a dull ache in the stomach or a slight fever.

Misdiagnosing a brain injury can have devastating consequences

A misdiagnosis of brain swelling can be devastating to a patient. When the brain swells, quick action needs to be taken to release pressure. Unlike other parts of the body, the brain is trapped inside a hard skull, which does not flex or expand when the brain swells. Since this is the case, brain swelling can actually lead to severe injuries that may worsen if the swelling is not reduced quickly.

Can you file a lawsuit if you suffer from a misdiagnosis?

If you suffer from a misdiagnosis, it can easily change your life. For example, if you had an early stage of cancer that was misdiagnosed, then the diagnosis you do receive could happen so much later that it's too late to receive treatment at all.

If your doctor was negligent, you can file a malpractice lawsuit

Imagine going to the doctor because your leg has been hurting more than normal lately. You always knew you had problems with your joints, and you had a history of arthritis. You make it clear that you feel this pain is different and that you haven't been feeling very well lately. Your doctor assumes it's still arthritis and puts you on a new medication.

Man sues for $9.4 million due to delayed treatment of stroke

When you go to the doctor for an illness, he or she may order tests. Those tests play a large role in how you'll be treated. If the test result is incorrect, then you may not receive the treatment you need, or you might receive a treatment you didn't need at all.

What is the Early Discussion and Resolution Program?

Imagine going through a surgery only to discover that something went wrong. Instead of leaving healthier, you're leaving the hospital knowing you might need to return for further therapy and surgeries. You're in pain, and you're frustrated. You want to know what happened and have the situation resolved, but you know one of the only things you can do is sue. Fortunately, Oregon created a secondary option.

New technology helps scientists see at the cellular level

If you've been hurt because of medical malpractice, anything that makes a diagnosis more likely and more accurate is rightly on the top of your list of good things. A new ultrasound technique has been shown to display live images of the insides of living cells, and this new technology could save lives in all new ways.

Undiagnosed diabetes and the risk to cardiovascular health

Living with a disease like diabetes is very difficult for those who have it, and it can also cause strain on their families. The benefit of a diagnosis is that it the disease then be treated and managed. If diabetes is not diagnosed, it can lead to a number of serious illnesses and become life-threatening.

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